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Why LANON liquid silicone gloves S600 withstand heat up to 480°F?

Posted by Daisy FU on
Why LANON liquid silicone gloves S600 withstand heat up to 480°F?

LANON S600 liquid silicone gloves have obtained certification from the CE EN407:2004 standard, indicating that users can wear them to withstand temperatures up to 480°F.


What is the EN407:2004 Test?


This standard outlines requirements and testing methods for protective gloves designed to protect against heat and/or fire. The numbers associated with the pictogram represent the performance of the gloves for each test outlined in the standard, with higher numbers indicating better performance levels.



Out of these six tests, the contact heat test determines the maximum temperature the gloves can withstand.


Contact heat test


The glove is exposed to temperatures between + 100°C/ 212°F to + 500°C/ 932°F. Then it is measured how long it takes for the inner side of the glove to become 10°C warmer than it was from the beginning (about 25°C). The glove must withstand the increasing temperature of maximum 10°C for at least 15 seconds for an approval.



When the S600 gloves are in contact with temperatures at 250°C/480°F, it takes an average of 18.2 seconds for the internal temperature of the gloves to rise by 10°C. The performance of S600 gloves meets the requirements for Level 2.


The exceptional temperature resistance is attributed to the distinctive liquid silicone coating and the CoralAir™ liner.




The liquid silicone coating


Silicone is known for its high thermal stability and resistance to heat, making it an excellent choice for applications requiring heat resistance. When applied as a coating on gloves, liquid silicone forms a protective barrier that can withstand high temperatures without degrading or melting.


 The CoralAir™ liner


The CoralAir™ air insulation lining offers a 7-level sandwich structure that provides multiple layers of air insulation in the gloves, effectively blocking heat transfer to the hand.




The ability to withstand heat makes S600 gloves suitable for various industrial and household applications where exposure to heat or hot surfaces is a concern. The applications of S600 include but are not limited to the following:

• Food processing
• Equipment manufacturing
• Optoelectronics
• Professional kitchen
• Cold storage
• Steam
• Machinery manufacturing

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