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What are the meaning of the information on the PPE gloves?

Posted by Daisy FU on
What are the meaning of the information on the PPE gloves?

PPE gloves must comply with the essential requirements of European Regulation 2016/425/EU. All PPE gloves marked CE guarantee a high level of protective, comfort and durability.



As required by the “PPE design” Regulation 2016/425/UE, each glove should be marked with:


  • A complete description of the manufacturing organization
  • Glove and size designation
  • CE mark
  • Appropriate pictograms accompanied by the relevant performance levels and the reference of the EN standard


Examples of EN standards 

 EN 420 Protective Gloves – General Requirements
 EN ISO 374-1 Protective gloves against dangerous chemicals and microorganisms - Part 1: Terminology and performance requirements for chemical risks
 EN 388 Protective Gloves against mechanical risks
 EN 12477 Welders Gloves
 EN 407 Protective Gloves against Thermal Risks (heat and/or fire)
 EN 511 Protective gloves against cold

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