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Kids will love this colorful rainbow sourdough!

Posted by Daisy FU on
Kids will love this colorful rainbow sourdough!

The colorful crumb looks absolutely gorgeous! Do you love how the colors meld into the dough? Follow Odessa’s steps to give it a go @cremebruleebakes(IG).




Main dough  Additions


200g King Arthur bread flour
50g White spelt
50g Egg white
150g Water (82% Hydration)
50g Starter
5g Salt

Mini M&Ms (with brown ones removed)

25g White chocolate



1. Autolyze for 1 hour with egg white mixed with water.

2. Add a starter and rest for 30 mins.

3. Add salt and rest for 30 mins.

4. Stretch and fold. Rest for 45 mins.

5. Lamination. Add all the additions and rest for 45 mins.

6. 2 sets of CF, 45 mins apart. Rest for 2 hours after the last CF.

7. Shape and put in the fridge overnight.

8. Baked at 230°C for 20 mins in the dutch oven with the lid on, and then at 215°C for 24 mins with the lid off.

9. Always remember to wear LANON heat-resistant liquid silicone gloves to move your bakes and grab whatever you need.


Note: Total BF 6 hrs at 25-26°C. CR for 12 hr.




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