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My story starts in 1958. LANON Protection, formerly known as Shanghai No.2 Gloves Factory, was founded in Shanghai, China. Till today, I still hear the story about how they produced the first dipped gloves in 1978 when China was about to reform economically and open-up, and the bright yellow-dipped gloves with the LANON logo became an iconic product of that age throughout the nation.




After I received an MBA degree from Darden School of Business, University of Virginia, I got an offer from a top consulting firm. In the meantime, my family's Personal Protective Equipment factory received an acquisition offer by a multi-national corporation. While the proposal was tempting and the company's growth was slowing down, the products reminded me of the blood and sweat that my family and coworkers put into the company. The legacy should remain in our own hands.


So I declined the acquisition offer, and decided to step up as the CEO of the company, determined to take the company into a new era.


After researching the product line and the market, I found heat and cold resistant gloves couldn’t satisfy the demand for flexibility, which was a global challenge. Regular silicone gloves are either thick and indexterous, or, are flexible but can't resist extreme temperatures. The unstable characteristics of mixed silicone raw material were not overcome by leading global chemical companies, which lit a fire under me. I want to achieve the goal of filling the marketplaces need.


Over the past five years, our scientists performed hundreds of experiments and failed thousands of times. Finally, in 2019, we found the balance of temperature resistance and flexibility and mastered the techniques! The product you see today was awarded 6 innovative global patents, which can protect your hands from -100F to 400F and offers much higher dexterity than regular silicone gloves. Meanwhile, the coating is food grade and stain-proof. Our professional baking clients describe the feeling of wearing the gloves as "incredible."


I want you to know that  LANON Protection will never stop. We’re planning to perfect our products by providing more sizes, releasing more colors, and adding more patterns. Although each tiny change toward the liquid silicone product is a big challenge for us, we will make your needs our top priority. Please stay tuned for the innovation of your household life. 


Jie Yu

CEO of LANON Protection