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The most basic sourdough that never fails

Posted by Kai Hou on
The most basic sourdough that never fails

Who would say ‘No’ to this beautiful, golden and crispy loaf? The chewy texture is embraced in a thin and crisp crust. Seeds add extra crunch to every bite. Ingredients are super healthy and simple. You will save the recipe from our brand ambassador @shebakesourdough.



275g Bread flour / 85%
50g Whole-wheat flour/ 15%
260g Water
7g Salt / 2%
65g Levain / 20%

30g Flaxseeds (soaked in 50g water)
20g Poppy seeds


Steps to take:


  1. Autolyse flour + water for 30 mins.
  1. Add in levain and mix for 3-5 mins until it is evenly incorporated, rest 30 mins.
  1. Add in salt + 10g water and mix for 3-5 mins until it is fully absorbed, rest 45 mins.
  1. 1 stretch-and-fold, rest 45 mins.
  1. 3 Full Coil Folds, about 60 mins in-between each set (do a CF each time the dough relaxes and spread).
  1. Total bulk 5h at 82℉.
  1. Final shaping and into the banneton basket.
  1. Bench rest at room temp for 10 mins (Stitch dough if necessary).
  1. Cold retard overnight.
  1. Score and bake at 480℉for 20 mins with lid/ steam, or 430℉ when no lid/ without steam for 20 mins.

Wear LANON heat & cold resistant liquid silicone gloves. Make lifting the hot tray a breeze.

Baking is like doing experiments and you keep leaning new skills. The recipe is easy and the result is going to be better after multiple times. Have fun and enjoy your fresh baked delicious bread!

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