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LANON Exclusive Liquid Silicone Series Introduction

Posted by Daisy FU on
LANON Exclusive Liquid Silicone Series Introduction

From 2013-2019, LANON researchers spent 6 years designing the industry's first disruptive liquid silicone insulation gloves. Since then, LANON researchers have expanded the application of liquid silicone to chemical protection, cut-resistance, low-temperature resistance, and low-voltage insulation. At present, this series has 6 international invention patents and 1 utility patent.


A glance at the differences between the gloves: 


S600 LANON Heat & Cold-Resistant Liquid Silicone Gloves


The heat-insulation structure of LANON heat&cold-resistant liquid silicone gloves


  • Ability to withstand temperatures from -100℉ to 480℉
  • Capacity to block heat transfer to the hand
  • Food grade-certified
  • Stain-proof and impervious to grease
  • Especially suitable for high-temperature food processing, baking, oven, BBQ, and other operations


S990 LANON Dexterous Liquid Silicone Gloves for Special Solvent Protection


LANON Dexterous Liquid Silicone Gloves for Special Solvent Protection


  • Protection from NMP, DMF, and lacquer thinner
  • Outstanding slip resistance in dry conditions
  • Safe and environmentally-friendly
  • Applicable to the medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory, electrical, electronics, and pesticide industries


S300 LANON Cold-proof Liquid Silicone Gloves



  • Instantly resistant to liquid nitrogen (-320)
  • Exceptional hand warmth
  • Abrasion-resistant, soft, and elastic
  • No secondary pollution to the contact objects
  • Suitable for cold-chain storage, processing, handling, transportation, etc. in the food, medicine, and medical device industries


S900 LANON Household Liquid Silicone Gloves



  • Mold and shape with patented dipping technology
  • Skin-like wearing experience
  • Perfect palm fit
  • Safe, non-toxic, and odorless
  • Durable and easy to clean


SV05&SV10 LANON Electrical-insulation Liquid Silicone Gloves



  • Superior weather and aging resistance compared to rubber gloves
  • Stable physical and chemical properties from -94℉to 480℉
  • Latex-free (hypoallergenic)
  • Used in working environments where there is a risk of electrocution: electrical, hybrid engine manufacturing and repair, power maintenance and repair, transmission, etc.
  • 500V and 1000V


S700 LANON General-purposed Liquid Silicone Gloves



  • Extraordinary non-slip performance in the dry state, giving hands excellent grip.
  • Liquid silicone has low surface energy, almost no chemical reaction with any substance, and leaves no trace on the surface of substances or products.
  • Extremely low metal impurities, contamination protection, especially suitable for photovoltaics and semiconductors that require cleanliness to apply for up and downstream product applications.
  • Silicone is an inert, safe, non-toxic, odorless, and food-contactable material, protecting users and the environment.
  • Hand protection from water, oil, and chemicals.
  • 18G nylon yarned liner, comfortable to wear, smart and seamless fit.


S707 LANON Cut-resistant Liquid Silicone Gloves




  • HPPE high molecular polyethylene lining ensures strong cut-resistant glove performance.
  • Superior mechanical protection performance, with the highest cut-resistance level(Level F) of the European standard EN 388:2016+A1:2018 Clause 6.3.
  • Flexible and comfortable to wear.


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